Information and Quote

You will upload your plans along with potential camera angles that best suit your needs. From here we will provide you with a quote based on the information sent through. Once confirmed we will need to know as much about your project as possible. This is our opportunity to ensure we are on the same page with one another. At this point we will need to know as much of the following as possible, this can include: colours, materials, photos of select products, landscaping plans/photos, furniture style and any examples of renders that you like.

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We get to work and begin creating your model. Once completed you can choose to request a glimpse of your model and camera just to be sure you are happy with what angle you selected previously. Here you can make comment on any model details that you would like amended.

Review and Modify

Here is where your plans come to life. Our model gets a makeover with the colours, textures and materials that you have supplied to us. Give us your welcomed feedback and let us know what changes are required. Be sure you compile all of your changes and try to be as clear as possible with them so that we can finalise your image and meet your deadlines.


Finally, we have included your latest changes and rendered the image at high resolution. Additionally we have used photo editing software to fine tune the image. The final product will be ready for print.

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